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The Electronics World – How Printed Circuit Boards are Classified

A printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is a complex thing. To an untrained individual, it’s not easy to determine whether one is of quality or not. Thanks to the IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies – the quality of materials and workmanship of printed circuit boards and other electronic products…

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IPC training certification

4 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in IPC Training and Certification Programs

The electronics industry is a quickly growing and dynamic field. New trends and techniques are introduced on a regular basis, demonstrating the sector’s rapid growth and progress. For manufacturing companies across the United States and around the globe, investing in IPC training and IPC certification…

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The Future is Now

We are living in the “future.” Take any science-fiction novel from the past 50 years, and look at the technology that is featured, and in most cases, we’re using some or all of it today. Our phones, computers, and our cars have advanced to a nearly super-human level of technology. We’ve all got computers in our pockets that are more powerful than any of us could have possibly conceived…

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Common Electronic Medical Devices and How To Help Create Them with Premium IPC Training

Modern science is close to miraculous. Technology allows medical doctors to diagnose and treat a variety of serious diseases that were once misunderstood and fatal. Have you ever wondered where the electronic medical devices come from that are used in hospitals…

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