The electronics industry is a quickly growing and dynamic field. New trends and techniques are introduced on a regular basis, demonstrating the sector’s rapid growth and progress. For manufacturing companies across the United States and around the globe, investing in IPC training and IPC certification programs pay off in the end. To date, over 300,000 people in thousands of companies globally have obtained an IPC certification.

Business owners might ask, isn’t IPC training for employees an added expense? It is a widely accepted fact that training and development programs yield positive results that outweigh the costs. Here are four of the top reasons to say yes to an IPC training and certification program:

  • Meet IPC standards. Global trading is increasingly recognizing the importance of implementing measures for quality assurance based on defined IPC methods and practices. A company that has met IPC standards has the edge over its competitors.
  • Satisfy OEM requirements. As an electronic components supplier, you need the valuable business recognition that comes with being compliant with OEM requirements.
  • Exhibit commitment to quality control practices. Industry-accepted standards and practices in electronic manufacturing are embodied in IPC standards through which manufacturers can improve efficiencies, as well as detect and eliminate defects.
  • Foster professional development. With enhanced knowledge, through electronics manufacturing training, employees not only improve the quality of their output, and skill in spotting counterfeit materials; but it’s proven that they will perform better overall.

One of the most crucial factors for getting the right IPC training is finding a leading electronics manufacturing training company that has established a reputation for comprehensive and rigorous coursework taught by seasoned instructors.

Blackfox is the leading provider of electronics manufacturing training and certification based on the recognized standards published by IPC. Blackfox conducts Instructor Level (CIT) Certification, a “train-the-trainer” program for company employees, consultants, as well as academic and training institution faculty members. Upon completion, trainers can administer the Certified IPC Application Specialist (CIS) training and certification for operators, inspectors, engineers, buyers, and management. Blackfox also offers various soldering courses and MIL-STD courses.


Investing in Blackfox training spurs individual and organizational growth. It results in improved workforce knowledge and skills as well as enhanced productivity while helping you manage costs and improve product quality. Most importantly, compliance with industry-recognized standards that IPC has published yields vast opportunities for your business.

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